Kirk D. Hamilton, MD, CCFP (PC), FCFP
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510 Southdale  Rd E. Unit 101 London, Ontario N6E 0B2  Phone: 519-472-2920 Fax: 1-877-423-9739
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Dr. Hamilton is a physician who has focused his practice exclusively on managing pregnant patients (delivering babies), palliative care home based patients (caring for patients with a life limiting illness in their home environment), performing newborn circumcisions and tongue releases on infants.

Dr. Hamilton is the lead physician of the London Home Palliative Care (LHPC) team and the director of Western’s enhanced third year fellowship family medicine obstetrics (London site) program. His office endeavors to have available appointment times for pregnant patients, newborn circumcisions and tongue tie (ankyloglossia) release assessments. 

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